Full derivatives suite, decentralized.

Feel the power

The Power Protocol is a decentralized clearing and settlement protocol that allows trades and settlement to happen on Power Pro.

Power Pro Decentralized Derivatives Protocol

Derivatives - Decentralized

Derivatives, Decentralized

Trade options, futures, perpetuals and spot with SPAN-based portfolio margining and multi collateral. Access advanced multi-leg options strategies trading and RFQ functionality all on one platform.

Full-Powered Protocol

Full-Powered Protocol

The full power of a decentralized protocol for clearing and settlement. All trades are cleared and settled on-chain backed by a fully decentralized protocol. Traders funds are managed in a non-custodial and decentralized manner by the Power Protocol.

Stay In Power

Stay In Power

The full power in your hands. The exchange does not custody your funds. Your funds are managed by the Power Protocol without any central entity control. You simply connect your wallet and you are good to trade. No friction, no hassles, no limits! That is power to you!


Access advanced managed investment funds for liquidity provisioning via AMM, Staking, and Liquidity Mining, as well as packaged structured products for yield enhancement. All under one Powerful decentralized platform.

About Power Pro

Power Pro is brought to you by the same people behind PowerTrade and the PowerTrade Fuel Token.

We’re a team of technologists and crypto industry veterans obsessed with quality, product and user experience.

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